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Apocalypse Day 75

August 28, 2017 1985 views

Dog’s Collection of Journal Entries & Drawings from Day 75 of the Apocalypse (His Favorite!):


Today I climbed all the scares I could find. Keeping your balance on scares can be scary, so that is why they are called that. I am practicing my climbing and lookout skills so Cat cannot get drops on us if she is cam-peeing in trees. I made sure to mark everywhere I climbed to practice getting drops on Cat. It wore me out so Owner carried me to the Good Dog Store because I am a good dog!

*PS: I am pretty sure the squirrels are Cat’s evil fencemen and that is why they always run along fences and into trees, where they report to her.


While we were scavenging today, Dog insisted on scouting ahead by climbing all the stairs and getting up high wherever he could. He takes protecting me so seriously. He’s a good boy most of the time. He also had to pee a lot. He’s got to learn to keep an eye out while he does he business! A zombie almost ran right into him! All the excitement wore him out so I carried him into an abandoned pet store. There’s some dog food still on the shelves, so we’ll stock up before we go. I don’t want to think about it, but Dog may have to share with me if I can’t find more people food. There are also tons of poo bags nobody seems to want. Maybe you don’t have to pick up your dog’s poo during the apocalypse after all?

*PS – Should I be monitoring Dog’s water intake?



Waaaaaaaaaay fa meeeee!

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