About the Blog

Writer Sarah Parker-Lee thinks about the impending zombie apocalypse a little too much. As a former film-executive-turned-dog-trainer, she’d often discuss the finer points of survival with her canine clients, such as not pooping in vulnerable places, not running away from inanimate objects, and avoiding treats left by strangers and/or cats. But she realized the dogs would have very different ideas about what to do in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Their imagined antics amused her so much that she began writing them down, along with reasons why some well-meaning pooches might not make it. She quickly implored her good friend and fellow apocalypse aficionado, Emily Meredith Lewis, to illustrate all these tips and insights, now told by “Dog,” and this silly blog was born.

Special thanks to our beta-readers: Matthew Masucci (writer, horror aficionado, & English prof extraordinaire); Eric Larkin (managing editor of Dwarf+Giant & longtime sci-fi/fantasy appreciator); Megan Frank (writer & lover of geekery in all its forms). And to all the dogs who inspired us, especially Buster, Porter, Brew, RZA, Max, & Napoleon.

Extra special thanks to Ryan, who not only encouraged Sarah to do this, but read everything, discussed the jokes over multiple meals, and helped set up our website with all the fancy codey things we couldn’t figure out.

We hope you enjoy it, but please use (or maybe don’t use) Dog’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse responsibly. He may not be the expert he thinks he is. Stay safe out there!


All illustrations on this site are the property of Emily Meredith Lewis. All written content is the property of Sarah Parker-Lee. Neither may be reproduced without our permission.