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Apocalypse Day 95

October 9, 2017 3558 views

Dog’s Collection of Journal Entries & Drawings from Day 95 of the Apocalypse (His Favorite!):


Grass is my favorite! Today we played in the tallest grass I have ever seen! Grass is delicious and gives great back scratches. When it has not been thrown over by a lawn thrower, and can get very tall, it is my favorite for playing hide and sneak! Hide and sneak is when you hide and sneak around until you are found. Then you get belly rubs! Today I found New Friend hide and sneaking while I was hide and sneaking with Owner. Owner found us. Smart Owner! Then New Friend and Owner argued about who could give me belly rubs. That is silly, because my belly is big enough for everyone to rub!


We had to cross a field of some kind today. The grass was taller than me! We tried to be very quiet. You never know how many zombies could be lurching around in there, but Dog was being too quiet. I thought I lost him! I can’t lose him! He’s my only friend out here! I ran around like a crazy person, undead be damned, and found him rolled over with a zombie approaching. I had to wrestle it but Dog stayed on his back the whole time. Was he scared? Or… Surely he wasn’t asking it for belly rubs? He… he doesn’t think the zombies are his friends, does he?



Ahhhhhhh get yooooooo belllllllly!

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