Favorite DaysVol. 1

Apocalypse Day 36

June 19, 2017 2221 views

Dog’s Collection of Journal Entries & Drawings from Day 36 of the Apocalypse (His Favorite!):


Car ride! Car! Car! I love cars! Cars go to the park! So many cars today! But none of the cars would go to the park. Or go anywhere. Bad cars. Bad! But good smells! You should always run as fast as you can to the cars and smell them, even if they do not go.


We had to cross the freeway today. Such a bad idea. Zombies trapped in cars everywhere. All the bodies…  No way to move quickly through that parking lot, even on foot, which is a good thing because Dog never looks before he tries to cross the street and he only hears me say “come” when treats are involved. He just kept hopping into open cars like he wanted a ride to the park or something. Sometimes, I really don’t know about him. Must remember to say “vet” next time I want Dog to stay away from a car.



Carrrrrrrrrr! Beeeeep! Beeeeep!

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